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Beware the new normal for consumers because it will be a lot like the old one

Think back, oh maybe 18 months from now, and remember what commentators were saying. Post Pandemic, it’ll never be the same again for how people live, work and shop. We’ll all work from home. We’ll all live in relaxed sportswear, hopping from our Pelotons onto Zoom meetings and back again. No-one will visit a physical store again, go “out” out, still less travel outside the UK. Evenings will be spent glued to Netflix, binge-watching box sets while chomping on our latest Deliveroo order. Except, unsurprisingly, it’s not true. Take, for example, menswear. Apparently the suit was dead and everyone was […]

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Fashion back in positive territory for first time as consumers’ mood lifts

Consumers are venturing out and starting to spend on fashion and beauty. That’s the key message from the ONS October retail sales figures, pointing to good news for the rest of 2021’s Golden Quarter. Clothing and footwear showed the first blip of growth in 20 months, since February 2020, up just 1.3% on two years earlier, while health and beauty accelerated its rise from 17% to 22% on the same basis. With two months of growth in the hospitality business, according to sector monitor the Coffer CGA Business Tracker, British consumers seem to have decided that if they are going […]

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UK retail: post-Pandemic challenges

Can retail’s ‘sweet spot’ with money diverted from hospitality and travel boosting sector turnover continue? Find out what the rest of 2021 holds for the UK consumer and retail prospects for 2022

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Joules: putting the wheels back on its recovery?

The Pandemic put a huge hole in Joules’s profitability. Can it bounce back to the success it had before?

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M&S: Is becoming a department store the right strategy?

Marks & Spencer is looking to broaden its appeal to fashion consumers by bringing in outside labels in both clothing and footwear. A winning strategy or a slippery slope that will erode its own brand appeal?

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Dive into consumer and market trends with groundbreaking research

Spring 2022 Retail Outlook

Find out what is driving the growth of the UK’s ‘experience’ economy. Who is leading its growth? Is it at the expense of retail sale of goods? What is its future potential? What are the winning strategies for making money out of it?

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UK Consumer Spending on the Home 2022

FORTHCOMING REPORT – Find out what’s leading growth in UK consumers’ spending on their homes and what the key opportunities are, including analysis by household age and income group.

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How’s the consumer economy going to affect my business?

ConsumerCast allows you to understand what’s really happening to your customers’ household finances and how they’re likely to respond to changing economic circumstances. It also gives you insight into shifts in spending patterns of different demographics and helps you spot emerging consumer opportunities for your business.

The research is based on an entirely new way of combining existing government income and expenditure data, including the Family Spending report, which covers at least 5,000 households each year, and the United Kingdom National Accounts.



Complex economic trends made easy to understand


Explaining how changing consumer spending and income will affect your business


20 years' experience covering the evolution of the consumer economy


Providing understanding you can use to guide your business

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