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Did the January retail bounce back really happen?

Apparently, reading the news headlines, January saw British shoppers out in force, with the largest monthly rise in sales since April 2021, according to the Office for National Statistics, up by 3.4%. But there are a number of reasons to question this positive picture. First of all, month-on-month comparisons, which the ONS appears to have imported from the US as a basis for interpreting sales, are a really bad way of measuring trends in consumer spending. They rely on seasonal adjustment of the base line, real-world figures, to try to compare between one month and the next. But how can […]

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Summer upturn on cards after spring flash crash?

January is looking like it was another tough month for UK consumer spending. According to the latest ONS/Bank of England figures for debit and credit card spending, it might be down as much as 3% on the same time last year. “Delayable” outlays – including clothing and homewares – are, unsurprisingly, being delayed, with falls of around 8% on 2023. Instead, what growth is taking place is due to “staples” like food and utility bills. The numbers sample just 100 companies, but even so, the downward trend is very strong and it will be a big surprise if January turns […]

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UK retail: weathering the cost of living crisis

As the UK retail sector toughs it out during the cost of living crisis, what are the winning strategies? Which consumers will be less affected and how can retailers make the most of their spending power?

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Joules: What went wrong and can it be fixed?

A series of mis-steps and the Pandemic put a huge hole in Joules’s profitability, ending up with its purchase by Next. Can it bounce back to the success it had before?

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M&S: Is bringing in brands the right strategy?

Marks & Spencer is looking to broaden its appeal to fashion consumers by bringing in outside labels in both clothing and footwear. A winning strategy or a slippery slope that will erode its own brand appeal?

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UK Consumer Spending Outlook 2024

Rising mortgage interest and tax payments are hitting younger households hard. But older consumers are seeing buoyant incomes. So how can retailers and brands make the most of this situation?

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UK Retail Outlook Spring 2023

Find out what is driving the growth of the UK’s ‘experience’ economy. Who is leading its growth? Is it at the expense of retail sale of goods? What is its future potential? What are the winning strategies for making money out of it?

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How’s the consumer economy going to affect my business?

ConsumerCast allows you to understand what’s really happening to your customers’ household finances and how they’re likely to respond to changing economic circumstances. It also gives you insight into shifts in spending patterns of different demographics and helps you spot emerging consumer opportunities for your business.

The research is based on an entirely new way of combining existing government income and expenditure data, including the Family Spending report, which covers at least 5,000 households each year, and the United Kingdom National Accounts.



Complex economic trends made easy to understand


Explaining how changing consumer spending and income will affect your business


20 years' experience covering the evolution of the consumer economy


Providing understanding you can use to guide your business

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