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ConsumerCast Terms & Conditions

The copyright in this report is owned by Ediplan Ltd, trading as ConsumerCast (“the Company”). Reproduction of part or all of the contents of any of these pages is prohibited except where advance written permission has been given by the Company. This report may be viewed on screen, downloaded onto a hard disk or printed for your personal use provided that you include ConsumerCast’s copyright notice on each copy and that you make no alterations to any of the pages and do not use any of the pages in any other work or publication in whatever medium stored. Copyright works contained in this report may not be used, distributed or copied for any commercial purpose.

Any unauthorised use may give rise to ConsumerCast bringing proceedings for copyright infringement against you claiming an injunction, damages and costs.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance by ConsumerCast, this document may not be sold, nor passed on, communicated or disseminated in any form (including within its original covers), nor access granted, to any third party or to any subsidiary, associated or holding company (whether direct or indirect) of the original subscriber/licensee/purchaser and its user(s) (together “Licensee”).

The Licensee acknowledges that all materials and information contained in ConsumerCast reports are the copyright property and confidential information of ConsumerCast and are protected inter-alia by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and other intellectual property rights and also by these terms, and that no rights in any of the materials are transferred to the Licensee. The Licensee undertakes that it will not copy, reproduce, print or store in any manner (electronic or otherwise), extract or transmit in any form or otherwise deal with in any way the whole or part of the data, materials or information contained in this ConsumerCast report.

The Licensee, (or any subsequent user, whether licensed or unlicensed who reads this report), agrees it will not place financial reliance upon any figure, statement or inference contained within any ConsumerCast report, or invite investment from others, without first obtaining the written consent of ConsumerCast’s Managing Director so to do. In the event that the Purchaser (or any subsequent user, whether licensed or unlicensed) does not follow this procedure, it (or any subsequent user) agrees to fully and effectually indemnify ConsumerCast against any claims, howsoever arising, and to draw specific attention to the fact that this consent has not been obtained. Ediplan Ltd., trading as ConsumerCast. All rights reserved.

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