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The UK Consumer and Coronavirus: Recovering from Lockdown

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  • Understand the financial situation of UK consumers as they emerge from Coronavirus lockdown;
  • Quantify the extent of the opportunity from households’ “corona cash pile”;
  • Identify which age groups* are going to have the cash to spend as a result of changes in the economy;
  • Pick winning strategies among retailers and brands that are fighting through the Coronavirus challenge.

What’s in this report?

Analysis of the impact of Coronavirus on income by household and projected expenditure trends across all areas of consumer spending, including:

  • Food and drink;
  • Clothing and footwear;
  • Household goods and services;
  • All retail;
  • Transport & travel
  • Other UK consumer spending;
  • Total UK consumer spending;
  • Spend abroad;
  • Major home improvements.

The report analyses who is likely to be have built up the biggest savings of “corona-cash” in the next three quarters and looks at potential winning strategies for tapping into it.

*Defined by age of head of household/household representative person (HRP)

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