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2018 UK Consumer Opportunities: The Under-50s

Why Buy This Report?

  • Understand the real significance of the spending power of millennials versus other age groups and how it is changing;
  • Get to grips with the question of spending on ‘experiences’ versus other categories, particularly retail spending on goods, with hard data;
  • Answer the question of whether UK households really have reached ‘peak stuff’, in the form of consumer goods;
  • Improve your understanding and evaluation of the opportunities offered by under-50s households;
  • Identify the fastest-growing, potentially profitable demographic groups;
  • Focus future business development and marketing spend on the customer groups most likely to see disposable income and expenditure growth;
  • See which spending areas are forecast to see the fastest growth and which will lag behind;
  • Understand how key economic trends are going to affect under-50s’ income and spending.

What’s in this report?

2018 UK Consumer Opportunities: the Under-50s* by ConsumerCast provides a detailed profile of two age groups accounting for 49% of consumer expenditure: the under-30s and the 30-49s. It offers an analysis of spending trends within these two age groups for:

  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks;
  • Alcoholic drinks and tobacco;
  • Clothing and footwear;
  • Housing, fuel and power (excluding mortgage interest);
  • Household goods and services;
  • Health;
  • Communication;
  • Transport;
  • Education;
  • Recreation and culture (including package holidays);
  • Restaurants and hotels;
  • Miscellaneous goods and services.

In addition, it offers more detailed figures by age group for selected spending sub-categories, for example, different categories of clothing and personal care, food, domestic expenditure and leisure.

The report analyses growth in net income (after taxes, mortgage interest and other deductions) for these households versus other groups. It provides a forecast for under-30 and 30-49 households as well as for other age groups to the end of 2020 for both income and consumer spending in real terms (adjusted for inflation).

The report also analyses the potential impact of these trends on 10 major retailers focused on the under-50s, including Primark, Next, Sports Direct and ASOS.

*Defined by age of head of household/household representative person (HRP)

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