How’s your consumer climate changing?

Depending on which audience your brand or product targets, you can face a very different consumer climate from other companies, no matter what the overall economy is doing. What’s affecting the under-30s – rocketing rents, repayment of student loans, the jobs market – is not the same as what’s facing the over-65s – rising pensions but plunging interest on savings.

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The UK household squeeze may already be over, but a bumper Christmas doesn't look likely

UK consumers have just been through a pretty nasty squeeze on their net incomes in the past year. Not only has wage growth been stagnant, but they have also paid a lot more tax and national insurance and inflation has taken off. On top of that, in 2015 many self-employed people took extra dividends out of their companies to avoid tax increases in 2016, while many also took advantage of the new pensions freedom to withdraw cash from their pension funds. After the income 'feast' of 2015, there was a corresponding 'famine' in 2016. The result has been to crush...

Wed, Oct 18, 2017

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How’s the consumer economy going to affect my business?

ConsumerCast allows you to understand what’s really happening to your customers’ household finances and how they’re likely to respond to changing economic circumstances. It also gives you insight into shifts in spending patterns of different demographics and helps you spot emerging consumer opportunities for your business.

The research is based on an entirely new way of combining existing government income and expenditure data, including the Family Spending report, which covers at least 5,000 households each year, and the United Kingdom National Accounts.


Complex economic trends made easy to understand


Explaining how changing consumer spending and income will affect your business


20 years' experience covering the evolution of the consumer economy


Providing understanding you can use to guide your business

What people say about ConsumerCast

Testimonials from the industry about ConsumerCast.

“This research gives vital strategic understanding of UK households' finances and spending patterns”

Senior executive

- Global consumer research group

“Your angle and insights are interesting and may be useful to many industry participants”

Head of research

- Independent investment group



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